Solutions for Effortless Drilling

UN-Towable earth drill

Reduce the Risk of Strains and Injuries

Lifting and handling 100 pounds can be a difficult task, even for the youngest and fittest individuals. Sprains, strains and tears are the leading injuries among all jobs, reports the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Drilling can be done with less risk of strains and injuries when the equipment used has been designed to lessen the toll on workers’ bodies.

Two great examples of machines designed with these benefits in mind are the Towable and UN-Towable Hydraulic Earth Drills, which share some key, user-focused features:

  • Towable hydraulic earth auger

    Little Beaver designed its Towable Drill to be a safe, easy-to-use solution for even inexperienced operators on one-person hole-digging projects.

    The “teeter-totter” design allows the weight of the auger to be offset by the engine. This reduces the operating weight from as much as 100 pounds to as little as 40-50 pounds.

  • The semi-pneumatic tires allow for easy push and pull, all while leaving minimal damage on turf, grass and other surfaces.
  • Each drill only requires about 20 pounds of force to pivot it into position.
  • An infinitely variable 20-degree auger tilt makes it possible to safely drill vertically in uneven terrain. The UN-Towable drill features a standard stationary handle and the Towable drill features a three-position handle that rotates 180-degrees allowing an operator to drill near buildings, walls and other structures.
  • The rare forward-and-reverse auger feature allows the operator to ease the drill out of the ground as opposed to tugging heavily on the equipment, greatly minimizing the physical effort required to get the job done.

Equipment that allows operators to work smarter, not harder is a win for contractors and do-it-yourselfers alike. Drills that reduce operating weight and kickback while being easily maneuverable will allow operators to achieve the highest efficiency during projects and, most importantly, do so without injury.

“The Towable and UN-Towable units are perfect for individuals who need the power of a hydraulic earth drill without the operating weight and transportation challenges that can be associated with traditional units,” said Mike Hale, Little Beaver sales manager.

Towable earth drill transport
Little Beaver’s Towable drill can be conveniently transported with minimal effort using a removable “no-tools” towing hitch, saving valuable truck or trailer space.
UN-Towable earth drill transport
Little Beaver’s UN-Towable drill is easy to operate, making it an ideal solution for a variety of industries, including landscaping, fence and sign installation, as well as park and recreation departments.