To Rent or Not to Rent? Is It Really Even a Question?

Mechanical Earth Drills

Cost-Efficient Options for Your Drilling Project

Limited budget doesn’t have to limit your team’s potential.

Next to providing quality services, maintaining a healthy bottom line is always high on a contractor’s priority list. Equipment rental is one way operations are bridging the gap. For specialty projects, testing the waters on new services or just saving time and money on maintenance, equipment rental can be a cost-efficient weapon for contractors looking to provide more without over investing.

So, what new projects can rental centers help you and your team tackle?

Unlock Your Potential

The short answer is — a lot. Rental centers offer a range of machines and attachments for safe one-person operation. Availability will vary from center to center, but you can usually find mechanical and hydraulic earth drills and mini trenchers in a variety of sizes — perfectly scalable for the construction and landscape project you have in mind.

Looking for a lightweight, high-speed auger for digging a post hole quickly and cleanly? You’ll want to see what your local rental center has for mechanical earth drills. These compact machines power through sand, silt and loam creating clean 6- to 8-inch diameter holes ideal for fencing, decks, landscaping, sign erection and soil sampling. Digging a post hole takes less than a minute with certain mechanical earth drills, meaning a two-day rental can accomplish a lot. And with optional horizontal boring attachments, you can easily bore under sidewalks and driveways to install landscape lighting, water systems and much more.

Mechanical Earth drill horizontal boringFor tougher soils — like clay, rock or frozen ground — a hydraulic earth drill is a better choice. These machines offer more power than mechanical drills while still allowing one-person drilling in most cases. They also include a reversible feature that makes them ideal for anchoring a mobile home or utility pole. In less than two minutes, a single operator can install or remove an anchor with an optional attachment. Additionally, hydraulic drills are highly maneuverable, making them a good choice for industrial fencing, soil testing, groundwater monitoring and foundation repair applications.

With even more power and potential, towable and un-towable hydraulic earth drills are great for heavy-duty applications off the beaten path.

For digging trenches, you’ll want to check the mini-trencher selection at your local rental center. With some versions capable of digging a 12-inch deep trench up to 30-feet per minute, these machines make installing lawn sprinklers, electric dog fencing, low voltage wiring, plumbing and drainage lines, and wire cable the work of an afternoon. Slit fencing, landscape edging, root pruning and bed preparation also become faster and less back breaking.

The Bottom Line

The question isn’t to rent or not to rent; it’s how can renting work for me?

When it comes to one-time projects — those special requests that pop up in conjunction with a current project but aren’t something you’re looking to offer regularly — renting lets you get the job done without a costly, long-term commitment. Depending on the length of the rental, your team can even knock out several small projects with the same machine, optimizing your efficiency. Planning ahead will help ensure you’re getting the most out of your rental.

Repeatedly renting the same equipment can also be cost efficient, to a point. It’s a great way for small businesses looking to expand services to test out different machines and attachments before committing. For equipment you don’t plan on using every day, renting rather than buying saves money since the rental center takes on the initial cost of the machine and any maintenance needs. However, it’s important to keep in mind there’s a limit to the cost benefits of renting if you are frequently using a specific machine.

When used wisely, renting can be a valuable tool for contractors looking to provide more while spending less. The fastest way to assess rental potential for your business is taking a trip to your local rental center or talking to the manufactures who supply their equipment. Little Beaver is one such manufacturer, and we’re happy to answer your questions. Contact our team today.