From installing fences, decks and sprinkler lines to edging, soil sampling and well drilling, Little Beaver’s full line of earth drills, water well drills and mini-trenchers deliver productivity, safety and ease of use. We also offer a comprehensive line of augers, extensions, points and blades, so whether you’re a rental center, contractor or homeowner, you’ll always have what’s needed for a job done right.

Mechanical Earth Drill

Mechanical Earth Drills

  • High-speed auger quickly digs clean holes
  • Torque-free digging for safe one-person operation
  • Lightweight & compact for confined areas
Hydraulic Earth Drill

Hydraulic Earth Drills

  • Powerful hydraulic system for challenging applications
  • Forward and reverse auger rotation
  • Torque-free digging for safe one-person operation
  • Compact design for drilling in confined areas
Towable Hydraulic Earth Drill

Towable Hydraulic Earth Drills

  • Towable design saves valuable truck or trailer space
  • Forward and reverse auger rotation
  • Three-position handle for drilling next to buildings
  • Balanced torque-free design
UN-Towable Hydraulic Earth Drill

UN-Towable Hydraulic Earth Drills

  • E-Z load receiver hitch for hassle-free transport
  • Balanced torque-free design
  • Forward and reverse auger rotation
Earth drill augers, points, blades and extensions

Augers, Extensions, Points & Blades

  • Snap-on standard and heavy-duty augers
  • Carbide points and blades
  • Tube and full-flighted auger extensions
Earth Drill Accessories and Adapters

Accessories & Adapters

  • Horizontal boring kits
  • Foundation repair tools
  • Mobile home and utility anchor adapters
  • Auger adapters for use with other auger brands
  • Drill chuck attachment
Big Beaver Earth Drill

Big Beaver Auger Drill Rig

  • 2,500-pound lifting capacity
  • 6-inch-diameter holes
  • Drill as deep as 100 feet
  • Compatible with augers up to 18-inches in diameter
Soil sampling earth drills

Soil Sampling Equipment

  • Portable and trailer mounted units available
  • Boreholes as deep as 100 feet
  • Cathead Kit for core sampling and geotechnical and environmental testing
  • Manual and automatic hammer options
  • Split spoon sampler
Kwik-Trench Mini Trencher

Kwik-Trench Mini-Trencher

  • Trench as deep as 12 inches
  • Speeds as fast as 30-feet per minute
  • Safe and ergonomic push-forward design
Lone Star Drills water well drill

Lone Star Drills Water Well Drills

  • Portable and trailer-mounted drills
  • Mechanical and hydraulic models
  • Complete water well drilling and soil sampling packages
  • 100- to 400-foot depths
Mechanical vs. Hydraulic – How do you choose?