Earth Drill Accessories and Adapters

  • Horizontal Boring Kits
  • Tripod Kit
  • Foundation Repair Tools
  • Anchor Adapters
  • Other Brand Earth Drill / Auger Adapters
  • Drill Chuck Attachment

Horizontal Boring Kits

Little Beaver makes two types of horizontal boring kits that turn your Little Beaver mechanical earth drill into a powerful and cost effective horizontal boring machine.

Earth drill horizontal boring kits
Sidewalk Auger Kit
Mechanical earth drill horizontal boring driveway attachment
Driveway Auger Kit

Sidewalk Auger Kit

The Sidewalk Auger Kit uses a 3″ diameter auger and wiggle joint extension to quickly bore under sidewalks up to 5′ long. Since the torque tube is not used with this kit, a horizontal drill key is included to bypass the engine kill switch.

  1. 3″ x 5′ sidewalk auger
  2.  2″x 5′ wiggle joint extension
  3. Horizontal drill key Drill Bit Size: 3″
Horizontal boring sidewalk auger kit

Driveway Auger Kit

The Driveway Auger Kit is used for horizontal boring under driveways or parking lots up to a distance of 50′. The kit consists of a water drill bit, swivel adapter, swivel assembly and a horizontal drill key. To complete the kit, you will need a garden hose, 3/4″ Schedule 80 water pipe and 3/4″ pipe collar. Once the kit has been assembled and starter trenches have been dug, boring can begin. Water from your garden hose or pump runs through the water swivel, water pipe and out the end of the drill bit, flushing the cuttings from the bore hole. Water pipe and pipe collar not included.

  1. Water drill bit (2″, 3″ or 4″)
  2. Water swivel assembly
  3. Water swivel adapter
  4. Horizontal drill key Drill Bit Size: 2″ 3″ 4″
Horizontal boring driveway kit

Soil Sampling Tools

Tripod Kit

When deeper holes are required, the tripod kit provides controlled drilling and easy auger removal. Using a 4″ auger and extensions, holes up to 35′ can be easily drilled. Designed for soil sampling and geophysical work, the Tripod Kit features fast set-up, a hand winch, and is compatible with the 11 hp Hydraulic earth drill and one or two-man handles.

Tripod Kit for Hydraulic Unit
Earth Drill tripod kit

Foundation Repair Tools

Bucket Augers

Ideal for soft soils, the bucket auger reduces side friction, allowing the drilling of deeper holes. When filled, the bucket must be removed from the hole and emptied. The bucket auger is connected with a 3/4″ or 1″ steel threaded pipe, depending on auger size. Sizes: 4″ 6″ 8″ 10″ 12″

Earth drill bucket auger

Anchor Adapters

Your Little Beaver Hydraulic earth drill can do much more than just dig holes! These handy anchoring devices let you use your Little Beaver Hydraulic earth drill with adapters for earth anchor installation to drive tent stakes, anchor mobile homes or anchor utility stakes.

Mobile Home Anchor #30320

Securing mobile homes to a foundation with ground anchors is easy with this convenient mobile home anchor. Pair this anchor with a high-torque anchor handle for the ultimate mobile home anchoring system. (60 RPM only, not recommended for mechanical earth drills)

Mobile home anchor adapter
Hydraulic earth drill mobile home anchoring adaptor

Utility Anchor #30322

Driving utility anchors is made easier with this special adapter. With Little Beaver’s anchor handle, hydraulic earth drill and torque tube, one-man installation of utility anchors is now possible. (60 RPM only, not recommended for mechanical earth drills)

Utility anchor adapter
Hydraulic earth drill utility anchoring adaptor

Tent Stake Driver #30323

Since many equipment rental stores are also party rental stores, this ingenious tent stake driver lets you use your Little Beaver earth drills to drive tent stakes for rapid tent set-up. (60 RPM only, not recommended for mechanical earth drills)

Tent stake driver
Hydraulic earth drill tent anchoring adaptor

Other Brand Earth Drill and Auger Adapters

To minimize your equipment investment, Little Beaver offers low cost adapters that allow the continued use of other brands of earth drills or augers. As these other brands reach the end of their useful life, you can then cost effectively replace them with Little Beaver.

Other Brand Earth Drill Adapter

Little Beaver Earth Drills / Other Brand Augers

Do you have a sizable investment in other brands of augers but want to enjoy the advantages of Little Beaver one-man earth drills? These ingenious adapters make your current auger brand compatible with Little Beaver earth drills.

  1. General brand augers (1″ round bar connection) #9051-GEN
  2. Ground Hog brand augers (7/8″ square bar connection) #9051-GHAS
  3. General brand augers (1-3/8″ hex bar connection) #9051-GENS
Auger adapters

Little Beaver Earth Augers / Other Brand Earth Drills

If you own another brand of earth drill, but are looking for the industry’s largest selection of augers, these handy adapters are for you. These adapters make any Little Beaver auger compatible with your current brand of earth drill.

  1. General brand earth drills* (1-3/8″ hex drive) #9052-GEN * Must turn in clockwise direction
  2. Ground Hog brand earth drills (7/8″ square drive) #9051-GHLB
Drill chuck attachment

Drill Chuck Attachment

Convert any Little Beaver earth drill into a powerful wood or concrete drill with an efficient drill chuck attachment. The 5/8″ capacity chuck accommodates standard wood or masonry bits up to 1.5″ in diameter and drills clean holes in fence posts, wooden decking, concrete and masonry.