Augers, Points & Blades Wear Issues

Earth auger blade replacement

Maximize Drill Performance

Too often when it comes to properly maintaining earth drills, operators forget the importance of daily and monthly inspections. Forgoing regular maintenance leads to trouble with either declined drilling performance or a complete breakdown.

Proper maintenance and replacement of wear parts keep the auger operating at peak performance. Like the drill, all augers require similar maintenance:


  • Check the auger daily to ensure that auger points and blades are securely in place.
    • Misalignment of the point and blades might cause the auger to vibrate excessively or “walk” during use.
  • Worn earth auger blade

    Replacement of wear parts keeps the auger operating at peak performance.

    Replace worn attachable points and blades before they reach the auger flight.

    • Operators can replace worn parts quickly by using basic hand tools, such as a wrench or ratchet set.
    • Watch how to replace points and blades in this short video.
  • If the blades wear to the auger flighting and wear the actual flighting, operators will either need to repair the auger flighting –by welding the flighting material– or replace the entire auger­­.
  • Never operate drills with damaged or missing parts; this includes the auger.


Heavy-Duty Auger Point

Heavy-Duty Auger Point

Performing maintenance to prevent mayhem seems like the most logical solution for earth drill operators and rental centers. The cost of not maintaining the drill quickly exceeds the time required to properly care for the auger. Stick to a regular maintenance schedule and prolong the life and efficiency of your Little Beaver earth drill.