Choosing the Right Augers, Points and Blades

Optimize Cutting for Drilling Projects

Matching the ideal point and blade to the soil and digging project can eliminate premature wear while reducing maintenance and boosting satisfaction for rental customers.

Unlike many manufacturers that only make one auger, Little Beaver offers a variety of augers, points and blades designed to optimize cutting in any soil for any project. Here’s a quick guide for setting your customers up for success.

earth-auger blade comparison

Determine Auger Strength

Standard augers are excellent for a majority of projects and excel in soft soils. Little Beaver’s standard augers can also be used in clay, frozen ground and for drilling through hardpan soil. However, the tips and blades should be changed to match the conditions.

For drilling in rocky soils, always recommend heavy-duty augers to avoid damage. These augers are equipped with a more durable tooth and side cutting blades as well as heavy-duty flighting.

Heavy-duty snap earth drill augers

Diameter & Depth

Little Beaver offers 13 different auger diameters, from 1.5-inch diameter augers used for soil sampling, to large 16-inch nursery augers. As the diameter increases, more power is required from the drill. Setting customers up with a drill that has a gear reduction will result in more efficient drilling when using large diameter augers.

For projects that require digging deeper than standard augers allow, Little Beaver offers snap-on extensions available in both full-flighted and tube versions.

Little Beaver Standard points and blades

Points and Blades

Six different blade options are available to meet any drilling condition. The standard blades and points are ideally suited for loamy soils or areas with few rocks. They are made with cold-rolled steel and hard surfacing to their edges.

To drill through hard clay or frozen ground, Little Beaver’s carbide blades are more effective. For abrasive soils and compacted rock, Little Beaver’s heavy-duty augers are specially designed with heavy-duty steel and carbide blades and tips.

Earth drill auger release snap button

Convenient Components

Little Beaver’s snap-on augers and extensions use convenient spring-loaded snap buttons, allowing customers to switch augers quickly without needing tools.

Most Little Beaver points and blades attach to the auger with two easy-to-remove steel bolts. Little Beaver points and blades can easily dig more than 100 holes before requiring maintenance. Reversible blades are also available. These can be flipped over for a fresh cutting edge to last twice as long as regular blades.

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