Are You Ready for Utility Anchoring?

Utility Anchoring Adaptors Make Expanding Your Business Easy

Are you looking to dip your toes in the utility anchoring market? Maybe you’d like to start anchoring light poles or even commercial grade telephone poles? A utility anchoring adaptor expands the capabilities of our hydraulic earth drill so you can do more with your existing equipment. Little Beaver hydraulic earth drills paired with our utility anchoring system can anchor utilities faster and safer than traditional methods.

Traditional Utility Anchoring Options

Traditional utility anchoring methods rely on two different options: a high-speed, hand-held drill commonly known as an “anchor cranker” and installing the anchors by hand.

Hand anchoring requires a straight rod to screw the anchor into the ground using only the strength of crew members. Installation with this method averages one anchor per hour, a slow, physically demanding process that takes longer than other anchoring alternatives.

Anchor crankers, the other alternative, feature two large handles with a gas-powered, high-speed rotary unit and can only be operated safely with two people. This system is cumbersome and dangerous. Due to the machine’s torque and high rpm, if one operator happens to lose their grip, the other is typically unable to maintain control. In the event that both operators let go, the machine’s torque instantly transfers from driving the anchor into the ground to aggressively spinning the handles above the ground. Too often, the free-spinning metal will strike an operator, resulting in leg or other lower-body injuries.

Utility Anchoring Adaptors

Utility Anchoring DrillAt Little Beaver, we offer utility anchoring adaptors for our hydraulic earth drills. The adaptor connects the drill to the utility anchor for installation. We also offer a high-torque anchor handle for the hydraulic drill that generates 360 foot-pounds of torque at 60 RPM.

This setup brings the benefits of our torque tube to anchoring, eliminating dangerous kickback. It also expands crew members’ abilities to work faster. A single operator can install a utility anchor with a hydraulic earth drill in less than two minutes allowing for the completion of an entire pole in under an hour.

If the anchor hits something hard and becomes stuck, manually dislodging an anchor can take as long as 45 minutes, depending on the depth. Hydraulic drills, on the other hand, are equipped with reverse. If an anchor gets stuck, it can be backed out in seconds.

Our hydraulic earth drill paired with the anchoring system is perfect for limited access applications where larger equipment isn’t easily maneuvered. This is a good option for utility lines that are in residential areas or tucked behind buildings.

Beyond the safety feature of the torque tube, there are other health benefits to using our utility anchoring system. It reduces strain on the operator’s arms and hands by minimizing vibration. In turn, this reduces the potential for worker’s compensation claims and project delays due to injury or work time limits. It’s also a quieter alternative to gas-powered anchor cranker counterparts, helping to protect hearing.

Little Beaver utility anchoring adaptors allow you to take on utility anchoring projects quickly and safely. Contact us to learn about this and other attachments for your earth drill.