Snap Up a Snap-On Auger

Snap-On Connections Offer Quick and Easy Auger Changes

One of the ways to maximize efficiency and get the most out of your earth drill is to use augers that you can change quickly as project requirements change. Traditionally, augers were screwed into the drill with a specific thread size that varies between brands. This connection was chosen for its secure attachment; however, it’s a time-consuming process that doesn’t allow for quick auger changes.

At Little Beaver, we offer snap-on auger connections for our earth drills to ensure you’re getting the strongest and easiest-to-use connection, so you can cut back on downtime and increase productivity in the field. A snap-on auger connection offers a quick and easy method to change augers on your earth drill while providing the strength required to hold up against rough terrain drilling.

Snap-On AugersHeavy-duty snap earth drill augers

Snap-on augers eliminate the need for long auger changeout times by featuring a convenient spring-loaded snap button that secures the auger to the drill head. Little Beaver offers 36-inch and 42-inch auger length options with 13 different diameters, so you can quickly change to the right auger for your project.

A standard snap-on auger excels in soft soils and can also bore through clay, frozen ground and hardpan soil when paired with the right points and blades. Standard snap-on augers are used for most projects. However, for rocky soils, we recommend our heavy-duty snap-on augers to avoid damage.

When a deeper hole is required, extensions make it easier to dig to your desired depth. Our auger extensions also feature the snap-on connection and are available in full flighted and tube versions, at both 18-inch and 36-inch lengths. Full-flighted extensions are available in diameters between three inches and 14 inches.

Hex Augers with Snap-On Adaptor

Smaller augers – between one to three inches in diameter – are too small to be made with the snap-on connector itself. So, our hex augers come standard with a snap-on hex adaptor. This adaptor connects the auger to the drill with a snap button connection, making the attachment quick and easy to use. These smaller augers are commonly used for soil sampling.

D-Series Augers

While a snap-on connection is ideal for many situations, some drilling applications, like soil sampling or foundation repair, require a stronger connection to match the drill’s higher torque. Little Beaver D-series augers connect to the Big Beaver drill and the Lone Star Drills line of soil sampling drills with a strong drive pin connection. This rugged alternative to snap-on augers provides an option to ensure the optimal match between auger and drill.

No matter what project you have in mind, we are here to help you get the best drill and auger combination for your application. Contact Little Beaver today!