Learn How to Set up Your Big Beaver

Learn the proper setup procedure for your Big Beaver Earth Drill from Little Beaver Inc. The Big Beaver is just 26 inches wide, which makes it easy to maneuver into backyards and onto jobsites that are inaccessible to large trailer-mounted rigs.


  1. Jonathan Nyadzi

    My company is planning on using the big beaver auger drill. I want to know about the price quotes and discounts. We are located in Ghana West Africa.

  2. Richard bustos

    whats your price on your little beaver driller
    can you put more than 11ft hrdy hose not to have move machine around so much

    • Little Beaver

      You can add additional hose to the hydraulic units up to 50 feet, but you must make sure that you have an anchor point for the torque tube. You can contact us at sales@littlebeaver.com for additional information.

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