Mobile Home Anchoring Made Easy

Anchoring a mobile home

Hydraulic Earth Drills Offer Speed and Precision

When strong winds blow, a mobile home needs additional protection. No matter the geography, anchoring a mobile home typically involves installing tie-downs and anchors to secure it to solid ground. It’s essential to complete the anchoring process soon after positioning the mobile home on the lot.

Traditional methods to anchor a mobile home involve a pipe thread machine powered by a generator. This system is expensive, as well as slow and cumbersome, resulting in several hours of work to anchor a single home. Hydraulic earth drills simplify the process and eliminate back-breaking labor. Little Beaver hydraulic earth drills offer the mobile home anchoring process two substantial benefits, speed and precision. By pairing the drill’s earth auger with Little Beaver’s anchor adapters, you’ll install each anchor in less than a couple of minutes and complete an entire home in as little as 90 minutes. And Little Beaver’s hydraulic drills feature a reverse position that makes removing anchors as easy as installing them.

Five easy steps to anchoring a mobile home:

    1. Rent or buy a Little Beaver earth drill from a local rental center or dealer and gather the essential equipment, including Little Beaver’s mobile home anchoring kit, anchors and steel straps.
    2. Determine where and how many anchors you’ll need to install around the home’s perimeter. Depending on state laws and regulations, you’ll need to install anchors at 2- to 5-foot intervals, so the number of required anchors can vary. Unlike other models on the market, no predrilling is required.
    3. Snap Little Beaver’s anchor adapter on to the drill’s high-torque handle and fasten the 3-foot anchor with an adjustable wrench or ratchet.
    4. Start drilling the anchor into the first location until only a few inches of it is above ground. Continue this process around the mobile home.
    5. Fasten steel straps around the mobile home’s frame and attach them to each anchor with adjustable bolts.

It’s best to check anchors and straps periodically after installation, as well as before a major storm, to ensure each is secure and free from rust or cracks. Keeping fertilizer away from the anchors and straps prevents rust.

For more information about tying down a mobile home and the equipment needed, contact us. For questions on anchoring, contact an experienced installer or building inspector.