Little Beaver Offers Simple, Efficient Soil Sampling Tools

Big Beaver foundation soil sampling drill

Equipment is Convenient, Fast and Economical

Little Beaver Inc., the leading manufacturer of torque-free, one-man earth drills, provides convenient, fast and economical soil sampling tools and equipment that give owners control over when and where they sample. The combination of the company’s Big Beaver Auger Drill Rig with the optional SSK-1 kit is ideal for standard penetration testing (SPT) as it easily lifts the 140-pound hammer to drive the sampler into the soil. Little Beaver also offers hand-sampling tools that can be used with its mechanical and hydraulic-powered earth drills for quick and easy environmental soil sampling.

The SSK-1 kit includes an additional hydraulic valve, Cathead and tower kit with stabilizer legs that extend out in front of the drill for additional stability. It can be used with Little Beaver’s AWJ drilling rod and 24-inch split spoon sampler, which allows a user to obtain a core soil sample for geotechnical or environmental testing.

The Big Beaver is portable and is designed for limited access with a width of only 26 inches and a height of 80 inches. Because it is compact, one person can easily maneuver the two-wheeled unit through gates, doorways and even basements.

The drill’s hydraulic power source is available with a 20-horsepower gasoline engine and can be used with other hydraulic tools like concrete saws, breakers, tampers and chain saws. Like all Little Beaver earth drills, the Big Beaver features the company’s patented torque tube that enhances safety by allowing the operator to remain a safe distance from the power source and absorbing dangerous kickback when hitting tough soils or obstructions.

In addition to the Big Beaver and SSK-1 kit, Little Beaver also offers standard hand-sampling tools for environmental soil sampling. The samplers are available in 1.5-inch and 2-inch diameters, and can be used with any of the company’s mechanical or hydraulic earth drills. The hydraulic earth drills are available with 11- or 20-horsepower gasoline engines or other diesel engine options, which makes them ideal for drilling in rocky or heavy clay soils. They also feature a three-wheeled chassis for enhanced stability and maneuverability. Little Beaver’s mechanical earth drills are available in 5.5 or 8 horsepower and offer fast operating speeds of up to 360 rpm for increased productivity and cleaner holes. The drills’ four-wheeled chassis increase stability when transporting over rough terrain.

For sandy or loose soils, Little Beaver also offers hollow-stem augers that allow the driller to collect samples without the risk of contamination from the surrounding unstable soil. Available in 6- and 8-inch diameters, the augers feature a 2¾-inch or 3¾-inch internal diameter, and work great for monitoring wells. The center rod and center plug can be removed to create a clear path for inserting the soil sampler while keeping adjacent soil from falling into the testing area to give operators an undisturbed sample. Once the hole is drilled, the Big Beaver also features a swing-away drive head that makes adding extensions and using a soil sampler quick and simple.

For drilling to shallow depths of 15-30 feet, Little Beaver offers a tripod kit for use with its 11-horsepower, PS11 Hydraulic Earth Drill. The kit allows operators to add and remove auger extensions without hand lifting. It also stabilizes the drill during operation for precise positioning and controlled drilling.

Little Beaver has been proudly manufacturing quality, safe and productive drilling equipment for three generations. With a full line of easy-to-operate equipment, along with a complete offering of accessories, including augers, extensions, points and blades, Little Beaver effectively serves the needs of end-users from professional contractors to rental centers.