Rental Centers Dig up Additional Revenue

Rental centers demand for Kwik-Trench mini-trenchers

Discover the Value of Mini-Trenchers

An increasing number of rental centers are unearthing a demand for Kwik-Trench mini-trenchers. The Kwik-Trench Earth Saw from Little Beaver is easy to use and ideal for a variety of applications, including installing sprinkler systems, electronic dog fences, landscape edging and cables. With its safe, compact, push-forward design, Kwik-Trench has proven to be the fastest and most economical mini-trencher on the market.

Along with being fast and user-friendly, Kwik-Trench allows renters to dig in areas that are inaccessible to large trenchers. Kwik-Trench also minimizes cleanup and simplifies backfill by depositing soil neatly along the edge of the trench.

Capable of cutting up to 30 feet per minute, and digging as deep as 12 inches, Kwik-Trench can conquer many of the jobs that renters would typically use a large trencher for. Plus, it requires less maintenance than bigger trenchers, so it’s ready to re-rent faster.

With a smaller price tag and the ability to handle a wide range of trenching applications, rental centers are Kwikly discovering the value of mini-trenchers. To locate a dealer, contact

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