Drilling Deeper

Selecting the Best Earth Drill & Accessories for Your Project

Mechanical vs Hydraulic Earth Drill BenefitsAn earth drill is an excellent tool for a variety of projects, from installing fence to planting trees and creating irrigation systems. It can also be used for anchoring mobile homes, large tents and utility poles. Notice the diversity of work that can be accomplished using this singular tool. While these projects may appear similar because they all demand a hole, drill beneath the surface and you’ll find that soil composition makes a big difference in what power option and style of auger is best for the task at hand.

Taking a few minutes to understand the different drill types and components will win you enhanced productivity on the jobsite. You can choose between two types of engine-driven, one-man earth drills: hydraulic or mechanical. They might look alike, but each post hole auger was designed for a distinct purpose.

Hydraulic Power

Hydraulic earth drills are your best option for the toughest layers of sediment, including frozen ground and rocky soil. They have approximately double the torque of mechanical models. Little Beaver’s hydraulic machines have rugged bodies and powerful torque to punch through stony sediment. Precise, low-speed operation coupled with high torque allow the operator to drill clean and accurate holes, even in the most difficult applications.

Hydraulic drills are ideal for single-hole projects such as installing signs and planting trees because they’re compatible with large-diameter augers, some as wide as 16 inches. The torque makes them perfect for quickly anchoring mobile homes. Additionally, the drills typically have a reverse setting so you can safely remove the earth auger if it becomes lodged under a rock or tree root.

Mechanical Speed

Mechanical earth drills are more compact and lightweight, but still pack a powerful punch. When your project needs speed and precision, this drill is up to the task. This transmission-powered unit performs high-speed auger rotations at 360 rpm so you can quickly drill several, narrow holes for a wide range of applications, such as fence post fitting and deck footings, as well as planting flowers. Paired with an effective horizontal boring kit, it can also drill under driveways or sidewalks for a variety of landscaping needs.

Superior Safety

Most drills with 360 rpm speed require two operators to stabilize the unit. Both our mechanical and hydraulic drills have a torque tube that transfers torque from the auger to the power source, drastically reducing the risk of encountering dangerous kickback. This one-of-a-kind invention makes one-man drilling not just possible, but also safe and efficient. The torque tube reduces physical strength on the operator and enables safe operation regardless of drilling experience.

Auger Selection

Once you’ve chosen your drill type, it’s time to pick the auger that matches the required hole diameter. Augers can be as narrow as 1-1/2 inches for smaller jobs like soil sampling, and wide as 16 inches for large applications, such as foundation repair. Little Beaver’s snap-on augers can make changing out the auger or attaching extensions a quick and easy process. They feature a spring-loaded snap button, which secures the auger to the drill head. This reduces set-up and take-down times. This connection method simplifies the process of adding extensions, which enables the operator to dig a few feet deeper without needing to purchase a longer auger.

Little Beaver PointsContractors and landscapers should also look for augers that have swappable points and blades. Standard blades are ideal for loamy soils or areas with few rocks because of the cold-rolled steel and hard surfacing on the edges. Use Little Beaver’s carbide blades for drilling in denser soils. They equip the earth auger to chop hard clay and frozen ground into pieces. Swap out the blades using an adjustable wrench. These modifications enable an auger to drill more than 100 holes in prime soil conditions before needing service.

An Essential Tool

Whether you are a seasoned construction pro or a do-it-yourself weekend warrior, the one-man auger is a timesaving, indispensable companion in your arsenal of tools. Outfitted with Little Beaver’s patented and reliable drill designs, you can tackle drilling projects in a fraction of the time you would with a shovel.