More Drilling and Less Downtime

Mechanical Drill MaintenanceThe Importance of Routine Mechanical Drill Maintenance

A little maintenance work goes a long way to decrease costs and enhance power. Contractors choose mechanical drills for high power in a variety of applications such as fence and deck installation or landscaping, and simple, routine maintenance keeps you up and running. By maximizing uptime, you’ll create higher profits with your landscape projects.

Create a schedule to maintain these key wear parts:

  • Transmission/gearbox: Every 30 days or after 40 hours of use, verify the transmission oil level offers adequate lubrication. Low oil can cause excessive gear wear.
  • Flexible Drive Shaft: Examine, clean and grease the flexible drive shaft after every 50 hours of operation. Apply sufficient grease so that it’s not gumming up the flex shaft but not so little that it’s dry because that can cause the cable to break.
  • Clutch: Check the clutch every 30 days or when you lubricate the flexible drive shaft. Clean the shoes and drums and replace if any clutch padding is missing. A worn clutch can slip or cause the drill to jerk and worn springs might result in the auger spinning at idle or overheating.

While those are the most frequently adjusted areas, additional parts to monitor include: the throttle, torque tube, augers, points and blades and the engine.

Learn more about warning signs and maintenance tips, view our online service videos or contact us with technical issues. For further tips, you can also turn to the product manuals.