Geotechnical Engineering and Soil Testing

  • Fast, easy and accurate soil sampling
  • Hydraulic powered
  • Drills 6-inch holes up to 100 feet deep
  • Compact design for tight spaces


  • Soil testing
  • Core sampling
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Standard penetration testing (SPT)
  • Well monitoring

Soil testing with Little Beaver augers ensures efficiency, precision and accuracy, even in remote locations. Our Big Beaver auger and SSK-1 cathead kit are the ideal combination for environmental soil sampling. The SSK-1 includes a tower kit with stabilizer legs that extend in front of the drill for stability. This allows the powerful Big Beaver to drill a 6-inch hole to depths of 100 feet. The Big Beaver is portable and, with a width of only 26 inches and a height of 80 inches, it easily maneuvers through gates and doorways to reach limited access locations. When you need to drill, and a big rig can’t get to your drilling site, turn to Little Beaver.

In addition, users can pair our standard hydraulic post hole digger with a variety of core sampling tools to achieve precise testing in all types of soil.  With a powerful hydraulic drive and 11-horsepower engine, Little Beaver’s hydraulic earth drill can achieve controlled drilling up to 4 inches in diameter and provides smooth lifting of samples from as deep as 35 feet with the use of our tripod kit. Another option available is the Lone Star Soil Sampling Series drills

SSK-1 Cathead Kit

The SSK-1 includes a third hydraulic valve, tower kit and spool. It can be used with Little Beaver’s AWJ drilling rod and 24-inch split spoon sampler, which allows users to obtain core samples for environmental tests or geotechnical engineering projects.[/one_third][one_third]

Little Beaver Big Beaver hollow stem auger

Hollow Stem Augers

For sandy or loose soils, our hollow stem augers collect samples without the risk of contamination from the surrounding unstable soil. The augers are available in 6- and 8-inch diameters and feature a 2 ¾-inch or 3 ¾-inch internal diameter. The center rod and center plug can be removed to create a clear path for inserting a soil sampler.

Hand Sampling Tools

Little Beaver offers standard hand sampling tools for environmental soil testing. The samplers are available in 1.5-and 2-inch diameters and can be used with any of our mechanical or hydraulic augers.

Split Spoon Sampler

The split spoon sampler provides core sampling up to 24 inches in depth. It is commonly used with the cathead kit and safety hammer.

Safety Hammer

The optional 140-pound safety hammer is used to drive our split spoon sampler into the soil.

Hydraulic Unit with Tripod Kit

The Little Beaver Tripod kit allows fast set-up, controlled drilling and easy removal of a 4-inch auger from up to 35-feet-deep.